Finance Committee

Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 39, Section 16, requires towns with a total valuation of $1,000,000 or more to have a Finance or Advisory Committee. The Town of Sandisfield’s By-Laws require that the Finance Committee (FINCOM) review the budget presented by the Selectmen and make recommendations to the town meeting relative to all appropriations. As such, the FINCOM’s major responsibility is making certain that the town has a balanced and fiscally sound budget. In addition, the FINCOM makes recommendations to the town meeting regarding appropriations to the Reserve Fund and to the general and specialized stabilization funds.

The FINCOM meets regularly during the year, monitoring operational and capital budgets, approving transfers from the Reserve Fund, and conducting reviews of town finance questions on behalf of the town’s residents.

Board Members

Name Title
Calvin Rodman Member
Myles Reynolds Member
Larry Dwyer Member