Historical Commission

The purpose of this commission is to encourage and plan for the preservation and protection of a community’s historical and archeological assets. The committee will identify and research places and sites of historical value and will raise awareness about their importance for the town. There can be collaboration with other preservation organizations such land trusts, historical societies, or neighboring towns’ commissions on issues and projects of mutual interest.

The commission’s role is strictly advisory, limited to making recommendations to the select board on matters relating to protection and preservation of historic buildings, structures and sites. The panel also serves as the contact point for the state historical commission and the State Archeologist, for example for surveys, grant applications, and especially applications for honorary historic designations.

Important Note: Historical commissions should not be confused with historical societies or with historic district commissions, although they may share certain aims. Historical societies are private organizations primarily concerned with local heritage education and storage and archiving heritage materials. Historic district commissions have authority and responsibility for regulatory review for design or proposed construction or destruction within a defined historic district. There are no historic districts in Sandisfield and none are being proposed.

Board Members

Name Title
Ronald Bernard Chair
Rosanne Carinci - Hoekstra Secretary
Jean Atwater - Williams
Connie Canty