Emergency Management

  • Emergency Management

EOC (Emergency Operations Center) is only open during Emergencies. It is located at Sandisfield’s Fire Station #2, 207 Sandisfield Rd (Rte#57). Check the front page of the Town Web page for emergency info, or call.

Remember to always have a kit (Go Kit) in an easy-to-carry bag of at least a 3-day supply of whatever your family needs are. Such as: medications, glasses, flashlight, water, first aid supplies, canned and dry foods, batteries, coat, change of cloths, and bedding. (Replace items to keep them up to date.) Carry your important papers, photo IDs, recent family and pet photos, bank info, keys, and some cash in a watertight plastic bag. Have your pet carriers ready to go along with pet food, water, leash, and medications. Make a plan with your family members of who to call and where to meet. A battery-operated radio is the best way to know what is going on around you. Be sure to keep a full tank of gas in your cars & barbeques, and for generators & chain saws. 

As the Red Cross says; Get a Kit….Make a Plan…Be Informed!

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
John Burrows Emergency Management Director (EMD) (413) 258-4943