Boston Trip

"56 people and one luxury bus driver arrived at the Sandisfield Library around 6:30 am on Sunday, June 24 to make way to the New England Aquarium in Boston. The tickets, purchased in advance on a “first come first serve” basis, sold out within weeks of the trips announcement. It was a great kid/parent ratio and everyone was excited to be there for this really fun trip.

 We left town at 7 am and headed east towards Tolland. The winding road all the way to Southwick and then Westfield to catch the Mass Pike proved our driver was performing above and beyond the call of duty. Controlling a bus that full takes nerves…especially on unpredictable Rt 57.  Snacks, loads of snacks were handed out like every hour to insure the passengers were comfy and cozy for the 2 ½ hour ride.

 Upon arrival on Boylston St, we were ushered into the aquarium without any hang-ups or delays. Lots of , “oohs and aaahs” came from our group as we first saw the penguins. Everyone soon spread out and would occasionally bump into one another while we explored this giant 4 story fish tank holding probably 900 different species of marine life. There were sharks, eels, jellyfish, octopus, sea lions and so many weird looking fish, some even glowed in the dark!

It was another short ride on the bus to the Prudential Center located in Copley Square. Here there was shopping (PLENTY of shopping…I was sitting in a $160,000 Tesla X3 until Tina dragged me out of the dealership) and more restaurants than you could decide on what to eat. The bus loaded up at 5:30 pm with an exhausted crowd and back home we were headed.

What was really cool about this trip was the people of Sandisfield who went were kind of in a different light. Everyone was cheerful and kids laughed while no one at all brought up any of our Towns degradations or politics or bumpy roads. We were families being families and sharing with one another happiness, laughter, curiosity and kind of forgetting about home for just a little while.

This I believe is the true purpose of a Recreation Committee.

Many thanks to Billie Jo Pachulski, Dawn Lemon, Roger Kohler, Terry “our Librarian” Spohnholtz and Chrissy O'Brien for making this entire trip epic in so many ways.

Respectfully submitted,

Bogart W. Muller"