Select Board Response to Sandisfield Times News Extra Special Report

In a “News Extra” published Tuesday night, the Sandisfield Times wrongly and injuriously asserts that Police Chief Michael Morrison will be “dismissed on Monday” and suggests that the Police Department is “to be scrapped.”
This “news” is “extra” false. There is no “growing sentiment” that the Town does not need a Police Chief or a Police Department; such a notion has never been discussed by the Select Board.
The tanker truck accident continues to be under investigation. It is the duty of the Board to make sure the town does a thorough review of what led to it, and to make recommendations and policies to limit liability to life and property.
Fire Chief Ralph Morrison did resign on Monday (not at the Monday night’s meeting but at 9:33am), and in his resignation letter asserted that “The Town has two qualified personal who can take over the department.”
As for the temporary, interim, or permanent appointment of a new Fire Chief, the Board will determine that in public meeting.
The appointment of a new DPW Superintendent will also be taken up by the Board in public meeting.
On behalf of the Select Board and the Town, I would like to apologize to all parties injured and distressed by the false statements in the Sandisfield Times’ “News Extra.”
Steve Seddon,
Select Board Chair
Sandisfield Select Board