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Yanner Park – Parking & Drive Rehabilitation

Street Location:  Town Hill Rd., Sandisfield, MA

GPS location: 42° 8'6.77"N  73° 7'39.92"W

Scope of Work

Project Description:

Create durable 4-season parking at Yanner Park that will accommodate approximately 14 cars, as well as improve the existing access drive. Use is generally expected to be light except during special events when overflow may occur. The area will be plowed in the winter months.


  • Area to be constructed at approximately 2500 square feet in size (14 cars @ approx 180 sf each)
  • Remove and retain soil down to the B-layer
  • Install base layer of landscape fabric
  • Install 6-8” of of 1 ½” base material, then top material (dense-grade aggregate “airport mix”) to a depth of 4” and compact.
  • Re-use topsoil to bed off any sloped edges
  • Install large boulders (200-400 lbs each) four feet apart to delineate parking area, and to protect existing well head and trees. The boulders should be buried with ⅓ of the rock below grade and ⅔ above grade.
  • Improve existing access drive between the north and south entrance (10 ft. wide by approximately 300 ft long) by installing 6-8” of of 1 ½” base material and then 4” of top material (dense-grade aggregate “airport mix”), compacting, and crowning.
  • Desired project timeframe:  June/July 2020
  • Prevailing wages apply.  Town is tax exempt. .

Email or call 413-441-1206 for more information.